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​Women Disciples for  Jesus Christ, A ministry  reaching out to touch women of today who find themselves in crisis situations, abusive relationships.  We are concerned about the generational dysfunctions that has caused our children to miss their opportunities to succeed.
The triangle of conference/workshops/seminars are divinely inspired by God. In 1989 Evangelist Frankie L. Stewart  was given a vision this website is a introduction of that vision. The Woman at the Well in John 4:4-29  represents every woman and her need to meet Jesus Christ.
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In addition to ministering to women of all walks of life Christian and Non-Christian women; we offer
Divorce Care for people that are struggling in marriage, divorce or separated. Helping those who are hurting, angry, bitter, depressed, lonely, seeking to recover from this crisis in life. Call to register or find us online at Divorce Care.com 
Domestic Violence is a subject rarely talked about in the church community; we offer education for Christians and non-christians seeking education on what is domestic violence, how or where should you go for help.
Bible knowledge is the key to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and a balanced and victorious life-style for all people and their families. We offer  BIBLE ( Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.  Our Family Bible Institute is a bible education for all family members. Not just for those ministering to the sheep of God's Kingdom, but those of us who want to know more as lay people in church, school, community and as working people in the world but not of the world.  God wants you to be fully equipt for spiritual warefare.  Sunday school teachers, Ministers, Evangelists,  Pastors,  Teachers,  Apostles, and Prophets whatever your calling be ready to bless others, join us share your gift.
Frankie L.S. Anderson
Evangelist,  Bible Teacher
Founder and President 
 Evangelists  of  Jesus Christ, Inc. 

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